Part III: “The Reckless” | The Barber Stories

Traditional methods of learning aren’t for everyone, perhaps that is a theme that we have come across in this The Barber Stories series where we learned about how some of the best barbers in Amsterdam started barbering. For some there is no greater feeling that working with your hands and creating something. It this sort of artistry that is also seen in tattooing, which is likely why the subject of our third video in the series, Daniel Rollisson aka The Lost Barber, found a calling in barbering. The new school of barbers are not like your normal hairdresser, the style of cutting as well as the culture of the barbers is more akin to tattooing in some respects. Dan left tattooing to take up barbering but it took an expert, or the “Jedi Master” of his shop, to turn him into the great barber you see today. Check out the video and learn about how Dan finally found a profession where he felt comfortable and how finding that unleashed his potential.

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