Part 2 | Spoken Word with Tony Supreme

Labeling and stereotyping is a normal part of society, while not always positive part it happens. Living as a black man in certain parts of London, people place labels on you and expect certain stereotypes that you might end of exhibiting simply due to the expectations. A bit of the chicken or the egg situation. Just as strong as the stereotypes that comes from outsiders looking in at your culture or group, are the stereotypes of what it is to be a part of a group. Your own culture can be just as strong at reinforcing this ideas.

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Tony Supreme talks in his music and poetry about his struggle to reconcile society's expectations of him and how he really feels. He talks about the differences between grime and rap versus spoken word. How these expectations influence them. Tony talks about how losing a friend to cancer forced him to consider what he is and who he want to be.

Check out the video, and for God's sake do yourself a favor and listen to his tracks on SoundCloud