After 2 years of long filming days, being flies on the wall, and carrying lots of expensive equipment.... we premiered our documentary and today (right now) we are placing this hard-earned documentary online for you to watch for free. We are generous gods... haha jk. 

LICHT IN HET DONKER is a hip hop documentary which follows Amsterdam-based hip hop collective Zwart Licht as they write, record, and produce their latest album 'Bliksem'. During filming, the album had the working title 'Bilksemschicht 2' (Lightningbolt 2) alluding to the new album being a follow-up to Zwart Licht's debut album 'Bliksemschicht'. This debut album was critically acclaimed, which coupled with amazing live performances, set Zwart Licht up to be one of the most promising acts in the Dutch hip hop scene.

They were never quite able to live up to that promise though they still remained active. This docu relives Zwart Licht's debut with the three artists that make up the collective (Akwasi, Leeroy, Hayzee) and several music-industry personalities (Kees de Koning, Rotjoch, Jiggy Dje, Winne, Saul van Stapele) to understand what happened to that promise and whether Zwart Licht's newest album, 'Bliksem', can attain that former glory.