Exclusive Webisode: whatsgood. with Typhoon (Part 1)

We were given the chance to sit down and have a chat with Zwolle based rapper Typhoon, one of our favorite musicians from the Netherlands. So we've decided to make a two-part exclusive.

Typhoon is not your everyday rapper. His lyrics are poetic, philosophical and spiritual. Combined with an excellent taste of music, this resulted in one of the most critically acclaimed Dutch albums of last year: 'Lobi Da Basi'. Although Typhoon's lyrics are in Dutch, the record speaks an international language. The title means 'Love is the Boss' in Saramaccan (his roots lie in Suriname) and that message is exactly what the music brings across. His debut album 'Tussen Licht en Lucht' was a modest success in the Dutch hip-hop scene, but with 'Lobi Da Basi' Typhoon achieved his major breakthrough in the Netherlands.

'Lobi Da Basi' has just celebrated its one year anniversary so we couldn't pick a better moment to release this. Enjoy!