Spinnin' Records is arguably one of the world's leading dance / EDM record labels. In a discussion with the marketing team, whatsgood. was assigned with creating regular and scalable video content. The content created was double-pronged. On the one-hand we initiated a 'tutorial' series with a veteran dance music producer, while on the other we created 'in the studio' making-of sessions, promoting artists and tracks that were seen as high-priority by Spinnin' Records.

Story-telling in an industry that we love, while giving the consumers, fans and followers of Spinnin' Records knowledge that they don't already have. A successful initiation of a project that will soon speak volumes..

Lucas & Stever - Make It Right (Making of..)

Lucas & Steve show how they produce their tracks using their latest release "Make It Right" in the Spinnin' Records studio. This video was made in combination with another video with the idea of creating music production tutorials from one of the largest EDM labels in the world. 

Spinning Records Tutorials: #1 Sidechaining 

This yet to be released video tutorial teaches aspiring bedroom music producers how to create a popular technique called sidechaining.