Unexpected Collaborations: Peanuts Part II...

Earlier this week we saw two unexpected collaborations featuring BAPE x Peanuts and Lacoste x Peanuts. Itโ€™s no surprise that BAPE would lead the way with the Peanuts collaboration and other brands would follow which is why we are featuring two more brands that collaborated with Peanuts. These two brands exist on the same end of the streetwear spectrum (skate influenced gear) but offer two different collections.

Stussy Kids x Peanuts 

This collection was exclusively available in Japan, once again proving that Japan is the empire of streetwear much to the dismay of people not living there, and is directed at kids. It is a bit weird that Stussy made a kids collection featuring Peanuts as the kids that are rocking it would likely have no clue what Peanuts is, but then again, itโ€™s the parents deciding that the kids wear. The collection is a bit more simple than the BAPE collaboration in part I and merges the Stussy graphic with Peanuts characters on a variety of shirts, hoodies,as well as accessories like cups, mugs and tote bags.

HUF x Peanuts 

Unlike the previous collaborations which focus mainly on the most popular Peanuts characters, HUF chose to focus on some of the less-portrayed friends of Charlie Brown. Look forward to Snoopyโ€™sbrother Spike and the eternal dust ball Pigpen adorning HUF gear like t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and the always popular HUF socks.