whatsgood. on Netflix: Only the Dead

WARNING! This documentary contains incredibly shocking and grotesque footage of suicide bombings, beheadings, and war violence.  Also, there is a scene of someone dying that carries on for quite a long time.

Given the warning above, you can probably tell this documentary is not for the faint of heart. Michael Ware, a journalist for Time magazine, documents his 7 year stint as a correspondent during the Iraqi War. Using over 300 hours of footage collected from over the years, Michael Ware was able to give a unique perspective that most correspondents would only dream of. Ware was able to follow the American soldiers as well as the insurgents, giving insight into both sides of the conflict. In one shot he captures the shocking aftermath of a suicide bombing at the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad, and in another shot, shows footage of insurgents launching mortar shells at American bases. The documentary also follows the rise to power and eventual death of Adu Musab al-Zarqawi, and shows how his jihad terrorist attacks and insurgency destabilized the region and affected so many lives.

The documentary shows the shock, sadness, and trauma of war but is lacking on much analysis and explanation of the Iraqi War. It does however trace the emotional journey that many soldiers face in war but through the experience of a journalist; the initial nervousness and excitement of what they think war is, and then the eventual traumatized β€œthousand-yard stare” that many combat veterans, regardless of age, gain after seeing action. After watching the documentary its not hard to understand why.

This documentary is a must see for the simple reason that it shows the truth of war. It does not glamorize or romanticize war and, it gives an uncensored and honest view of terrorism that many of us are sheltered from. 

Check out the trailer below and change your life by watching the documentary.