whatsgood. on Netflix: WarGames

This week it is time for another classic movie from the 80’s, 1983 to be exact. It’s a favorite of mine and Netflix just made my 2017 by putting it in the collection. Think back to a time when computers were just getting into people’s homes, M.J. was dominating the music charts, Motorola just released the first mobile phone, Matthew Broderick was an acting sensation, and the threat of global thermal nuclear war still loomed over our heads during the Cold War.  If you haven’t guess yet, the film suggestion this week is WarGames.

Matthew Broderick plays a high school teen hacker and while trying to hack a new computer game from game developer, inadvertently makes the US government believe it is under nuclear attack from the Russians. This all happens because Matthew actually hacked into a government supercomputer programmed to predict possible outcomes of nuclear war by continuously playing war games. The nuclear apocalypse almost happens due to the computers inability to tell the difference between simulation and reality.

There are several reasons why this movie is good. Firstly, hacking is relatively accurately portrayed (albeit too easily done), none of that super-visual 3D environment shit shown in the movie Hackers. Secondly, it gives a glimpse of a bygone era for many of you people reading this that hardly remember or didn’t grow up in the 80’s (acting as a sort of time capsule). Finally, the opening scene of the movie shows just how close we were to nuclear annihilation and the crucial role that some people were given in deciding the world’s fate. We came close a bit too often.

With a 7.1/10 from IMDB, WarGames is a movie worth watching tonight!