12 best sneaker stores in Amsterdam

Sneaker District has a lot of offer in their store as well as the web shop. They carry a good mixture of brands and colorways. They also have ome other products like watches but they are sneaker first, the massive reproduction of Rembrandt’s famous The Night Watch but with everyone wearing sneakers shows that they mean business.

https://sneakerdistrict.nl/ - Rozengracht 21


Aside from your Foot Lockers or larger chain/sports stores there aren’t a lot of sneakers shops that cater equally for both men and women. It’s a bummer because sneakers look so good on chicks. Fortunately, No Boys Allowed carries only sneakers for women. Maybe shoe shopping with your girl won’t be such a pain, but on the other hand, nothing hurts more than seeing a dope pair of sneakers that you can’t never have.

http://noboysallowed.nl/ - Prinsenstraat 16


A smaller store but a bigger selection of more limited sneakers and colorways. Meaning sneaker in Japanese, Sunika brings a bit of the Japanese streetwear style vibe to Amsterdam. This store isn’t just a room full of Nikes, they carry brands like Saucony, Puma and Karhu making it a great place to discover a new brand or silhouette.

https://www.sunika.nl/ - Bilderdijkstraat 102


SeventyFive doesn’t have the largest selection and they don’t carry the most exclusive selection but they carry a good basis of sneakers as well as other gear. Like a sweet Poler backpack I picked up on sale a few months ago. Their sales are pretty good so definitely worth keeping an eye on them. Not only that they claim to be the first Dutch sneaker store. They may not be the best sneaker store in Amsterdam but they definitely deserve some props.

http://www.seventyfive.com/ - Nieuwe Hoogstraat 24 - Van Woustraat 14 - Haarlemmerdijk 55-C



This store features a more eclectic mixture of sneakers and a collection of streetwear items to match. Your, not so run of the mill, sneakers can be found here like along with some of the staple brands. It’s also fairly centrally located.

https://shop.maha-amsterdam.com/ - Vijzelstraat 105


Oqium is a big player in the sneaker game and particularly with Jordan’s. With stores in Berlin, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, the Oqium store in Amsterdam looks sick and sometimes does exclusive events. If you love your Jordan’s and you find yourself Amsterdam, make sure you make a pilgrimage.

http://www.oqium.nl/ - Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 262


It’s a newer shop in Amsterdam but hopefully it will carry on the tradition of the best sneaker stores in Germany, of exclusive releases and collaborations. Styled as a chemistry lab, the store looks impressive and massive.

https://www.solebox.com/ - Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 240


This home-grown streetwear powerhouse also offers a selection of sneakers alongside their clothing. What self respecting streetwear enthusiast doesn’t also wear sneakers? Patta is no stranger to sneaker and clothing collabs so this store is something that should be on your list to check out, and often.

https://www.patta.nl/ - Zeedijk 67


Mainly a clothing store stocking luxury streetwear such as Norse Projects and the like, Baskets also has sneakers available. They typically carry the larger brands but more limited editions of their silhouettes. You can usually find more luxury sneaker brands like ETQ and Filling Pieces here as well.

http://www.baskets-store.com/ - Gerard Doustraat 96 - Elandsgracht 57-59


Another streetwear store, Concrete, also has a good collection of athleisure gear. On the sneaker side, they have Yeezy’s and Y-3’s on offer as well as other more, hard to find, uber-streetwear options.

https://concrete.nl/ - Spuistraat 250


This skateshop has been at the basis of the skate culture and style in Amsterdam for a while. Patta and Ben-G shared a space for a while when Patta was still up and coming. At this store you can not only get skate inspired sneakers but also clothes and decks.

https://www.ben-g.nl/ - Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 142


Actually owned by JD sports, but focusing more on the sneaker rather than athletic side of fashion, Size? offers a varied selection of sneakers. If JD sports doesn’t have it Size? might, and for the rest check out the other stores on this list of the 12 best sneaker store in Amsterdam. They’ve also got a selection of clothing focusing on urban fashion.

https://www.size.co.uk/ - Kalverstraat 128



Honorable Mention: Sneakerness

Sneakerness is the sneaker enthusiast’s dream, where some of the most exclusive pairs of sneakers can be yours for the right amount of cash. This traveling sneaker market comes to Amsterdam once a year and is the chance for sneakerhead’s to cop the dopest pair or for them to strike at gold by selling part of their collection.


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