A look at legendary designer Yohji Yamamoto of Y-3

72-year old Yohji Yamamoto may not be the most well-known designer to the more mainstream, Yeezy touting fashion-interested peoples of the world but he is indeed a legendary designer. Yohji Yamamoto is the genius behind adidas’ designer sportswear collection Y-3. Combining adidas’ sport expertise and Yohji’s signature design aesthetic with traditional Japanese tailoring, Y-3 possesses a technical feel on unexpected silhouettes to provide contemporary sportswear with a unique look. Unique and futuristic is definitely Y-3's style.

You can tell from the last few posts we have made about fashion that we have a bit of an obsession about athletic/sportswear turned casual. It’s not changing anytime soon. Have a look at this short documentary of Yohji reflecting on his 13-year collaboration with adidas and check out a few of our favorite pieces from Y-3’s previous collections.

Yohji Yamamoto – Master of The Shadows (video from Dazed)

Our Favorite Y-3 pieces