The Love Grenade x whatsgood. Snapback


We’ve been waiting on this for quite a while. A few months back we re-approached our big homies from Love Grenade, an accessory brand from Lelystad (the Netherlands), to follow-up on the awesome exclusive interview that we did with them in 2015. We were interested in having their accessories available in our webshop. The result? A collaboration snapback.

With great mutual respect for each other, they proposed to make a snapback together. Combining their mission to spread love to the scene, and our mission to shed light on dope brands and stories – we sat down to brainstorm. The navy-red colorway was an immediate “oooh shit” moment. An instant homerun. We choose our words carefully here – the colors are a throwback to our love for the California Angels fitted cap. More importantly, the navy ‘body’ with a red ‘visor’ is also a colorway that Love Grenade has never used, only strengthening the exclusivity.

The cap features the strong, and powerful Love Grenade logo on the front, while above the ‘snap’ on the back, the whatsgood. logo. With a strong belief in the “strength of simplicity” – the cap remains humble in design beyond those two features. In an effort to carry the message of the Love Grenade brand, the stitching of the cap features the repetitive “Amor Vincit Omnia” text. In true Love Grenade fashion, the snapback has limited supply. Not to be abused, the design and collaboration should stand as a constant reminder of the start of a great relationship. 

Love Grenade is a brand that embodies so much love for the scene (built by late Rafael “Rubenhail” Zinhagel), with a very clear message: “Amor Vincit Omnia”, which directly translates to “Love Conquers All”. As Gordon Benjamin (co-owner) correctly explains during the interview, “chasing after your dreams, and getting them noticed, is also what Love Grenade stands for…”. Watch our interview with them below and get the inside-scoop and understand their story and the reason for our collaboration.