Unexpected Collaborations: Taco Bell x The Hundreds

Back in 2014, Taco Bell collaborated with LA-based streetwear brand, The Hundreds. Although they only made socks, it was more than just a strange meeting of two couldn't-be-further-apart brands. It kind of set the tone for the future of all-over prints. What started as a hype to have no white-space on t-shirt designs, quickly morphed into finding weird objects to be repetitively printed over and over again, all over the same shirt. From Tyler, the Creator doing this with the odd-future doughnut to something as crazy as birthday cakes. Just go to your local H&M to find out how out-of-hand this trend has become.

So why did this particular sock set the tone? Well, look at it. Tacos and burritos. All over. We know crazy socks were a thing back then. Arguably even today. With brands like Happy Socks, still growing in popularity. But random objects, all-over. This collaboration definitely set that tone. We can understand a cohesive piece of art or drawing stretching the span of an entire t-shirt, but tacos and burritos? Seriously? Tacos and burritos? Any way. Judge for yourself