Grime - A Brief History

Grime's big. Really big at the moment. But just like hip hop in it's pre-mainstream era, the odds were stacked against the genre. No-one played the genre. Other than pirate radio stations, a handful of underground clubs and a few DVDs with riddim mixtapes, the people involved saw no commercial success. Skepta's recent explosion-of-a-career put Grime on center stage. Drake's endorsement made waves. But how did it all start? We'll definitely continue to write about the roots of Grime in the coming weeks, but GQ (yes GQ - the mass-media magazine that announces the world's best dressed man every year) did something that other's haven't dared or thought of. They took a journalistic approach to capturing the essence of the sub-culture and filmed a mini-documentary on it. Watch it and learn the basics of what epitomizes the word, sub-culture and genre of Grime.