Doggtown - The Pack EP

It’s been a year, and the Doggtown crew is back with another annual compilation EP. Named “The Pack”, Guerilla Speakerz, Subp Yao and Boeboe recruited Udachi, Banganagangbangers, Jimmy Pe and Deadcrow to give this new release a punch. For anyone that doesn’t know the crew, they’re the bass ambassadors of the Netherlands - check the interview we did with them here.

Udachi’s opening track is definitely the theme-song to the “opening credits” of this EP. A little reminiscent to what girl unit was so good at, it’s got a laid-back feel and sets the tone for what you can expect.

It goes without saying, and with a single ear-glance, the undisputed anthem of the EP is “Hudson River VIP” by Jimmy Pe. Hailing from Slovakia, this upcoming producer drops a track reminiscent of every Hudson Mohawke banger. It makes you very curious to check out what Amsterdam-based producer Boeboe put out for the release. Having consistently always dropped the anthem of every Doggtown compilation (in previous years), you’re confronted with a Method Mad sample from Gravel Pit. The track is a bassline underground hit, and quickly follows “Hudson River VIP” with a gunshot at number two.

Guerilla Speakerz stay true their sound and release the grimey, bass-heavy and energetic track “Dingo”. They’ve clearly been practicing, as this is probably one of our favourite Guerilla Speakerz productions (since the all-time classic “Holla”). The hollow-bass, bassline break seems like it could’ve been a separate track, but other than that the track is legit.

Subp Yao, Banganagangbangers and Deadcrow took the more ‘traditional’ Doggtown sound and remind you where it all started for this Amsterdam-based crew. We look forward to hearing a 2017 compilation and see what the next step in the process is.

Note: Someone tell them to bring Boycott back!