Unexpected Collaborations: McDonald’s x Colette

To kick-start this series of blogposts, we thought we might start off with two very unexpected names.

McDonald’s, the large multi-national fast-food chain (that once-upon-a-time tried their hand at a failed fashion line) teamed up with Paris-based, respected streetwear authority Colette. Why? We don’t know. But the capsule collection of tee-shirts, tote bags, and scarves showcases iconic McDonald’s colors as well as products in a ‘pixilated’ fashion, which were later used as part of an outdoor poster campaign.

The question isn’t really why McDonald’s thought such a collaboration would be interesting. But rather why a brand like Colette would waste their time? After doing several successful collaborations with ASICS, Daily Paper and Timberland (to name a few) over the past decade, a brand like McDonald’s hardly falls into place among the before-mentioned names.

We can only suspect that it was done with a hint of irony, to engage the street wear loving, it’s so ironic it’s cool population of this planet. And yes, they’re right to think so. Nothing like a big happy-meal box on your t-shirt while drinking a latte, says “fuck you, you corporate pigs”. Bad to the bone. Grab your skate deck, which you can ride on, and tell your friends about counter-culture.