Unexpected Collaborations: Comme des Garcons x Timberland x Supreme

Ok. So this edition of unexpected collaborations is a little different. Firstly, it’s a three-way collaboration that’s only one-year-old. Secondly, we could probably do a post on each Supreme and Timberland alone, that showed all of their most ridiculous items and collaborations to date (note to self). But most importantly, it’s a strangely logical collaboration. Three different generations in one product.

Where Timberland represents the classic late 80s and 90s generation. Supreme, on the other hand, dominated the scene in the late 90s and early 00s. Comme de Garcons, which experienced a flight in success with their A$AP ROCKY endorsement, represents the youngest of the brands. That’s insane! One item, reflecting three generations of hip hop.

The item collects approximately $300 on eBay at the moment. Do yourself a favor, and don’t buy yourself a pair. It’s a cool idea. Not a cool product.