Unexpected Collaborations: Coca-Cola x BAPE

Yet another weird, unexpected collaboration. American soft-drink giant and Japanese street wear legends teamed up to give Coca-Cola a collaboration, off-the-can. What does that even mean? Coca-Cola is no stranger to collaborating with trending global ‘influencers’. Before this collaboration they predominantly redesigned the appearance of their cans. But BAPE gave them their first experiment into apparel. And we’ll be honest. It’s weird, but it’s definitely not whack.

An interesting side note is that BAPE spent some time “sleeping with the enemy”. They’ve also collaborated with direct competitor Pepsi to co-design cans.

That all being said though, it must’ve been a better experience with Coca-Cola, seeing that the founder of BAPE (and long-time friend of Pharrell Williams) Nigo, went on to do a private collaboration with them. See what that looked like, below: