whatsgood. with WE ARE CPH

We came across WE ARE CPH a while ago and were immediately excited by it because it filled an important gap in the menswear scene. Menswear for people that enjoy fashion with its ever changing trends but enjoy quality materials in timeless cuts without the haute couture price tag. WE ARE CPH is the contemporary menswear brand that provides this important function and its exactly why you need to fill your wardrobe with some love from Copenhagen.  We got in touch with WE ARE CPH’s brand manager Rene Mortensen to ask a few questions about our new favorite brand.


“Trust is the first thing that comes in to mind, we want our customers to feel comfortable when buying our products in everything from quality, fittings and expression.”



Give us a little insight into why WE ARE CPH started and what the brand stands for?

We started in 2013 after discovering that there was a gap in the market to make strong contemporary products, in good quality and at an affordable price level. Our collections are a mix of high fashion value products and still with a strong ground of classic commercial products.


Does the stereotype of minimalist Scandinavian design play an influence in the design process and aesthetic of WE ARE CPH?

Yes, our base in development of our collections is inspired by the Scandinavian designs but we are also very aware of the market oriented trends from all over the world.


How would you characterize the ideal WE ARE CPH customer/wearer? Does WE ARE CPH design with a specific type of person in mind?

No not really, we are more focusing on giving all of our customers a way to express themselves at an affordable price range. Nevertheless, a big part of our collection is targeted a guy who knows his way around fashion and is influenced by market trends.


What do you think makes a real fashion brand? What are the most important elements?

Trust is the first thing that comes in to mind, we want our customers to feel comfortable when buying our products in everything from quality, fittings and expression. We want to create continuity in our collections so our customers always can feel certain that the product that they buy is market oriented and well-produced.


Considering that WE ARE CPH started in 2013, which is not too long ago, what is the biggest challenge in starting a fashion brand?

I do not want to lecture on the biggest challenges with starting a fashion brand because not all brands are alike and do not face the same challenges. But being consistent and believing in your strategy is some of the important keys to get you started.


What can we look forward to seeing from WE ARE CPH in the near feature? Any special items we should watch out for?

For our Spring 17’ collection we are working with more technical- and a little bit sporty references in our qualities, where especially our jackets are a big part of our focus area. Some of my personal favorites are the denim jackets and the technical camo jacket.


Head to WE ARE CPH’s webshop now and check it out.