Noname releases debut EP 'Telefone'

Chicago-based female MC Noname, formerly known as Noname Gypsy, released her debut project entitled 'Telefone' at the end of last month. You might know her from guest appearances like the one on "Lost" off Chance The Rapper's 'Acid Rap', or from the online buzz she created in the last couple of years. 

It might seem a bit too easy and irreverent to call her the female counterpart of Chance The Rapper, seeing that they're both from Chicago and have collaborated on tracks before, but her sound really resembles that of Chance a lot. And that certainly isn't a bad thing! It appears they're just real kindred spirits when it comes to beat-choice, flow, delivery, musicality and wordplay.

All in all, 'Telefone' is a very solid debut. It might have a bit too much of the same vibe throughtout the entire record. There are no real peaks. But, on the other hand, there aren't any tracks that we felt like skipping either. Listen to 'Telefone' below and judge for yourself!