a documentary about noboby (De La Soul)


Starting with a very powerful message during the opening sequence of their documentary, De La Soul remind you that they're (a) relevant and (b) not scared to try something new, when times change. The documentary-film chronicles the spawn of the album's idea, the Kickstarter project that started it all, the work that went into it and finally, the product that became the album.

" we were never the men to be
trapped in the lane inside all
your memories

we swerve through
and watch you in the
rearview stuck to
your past

while on we continue "

At whatsgood., we've been extremely excited and happy about the release of De La Soul's "and the Anonymous nobody" album. The reason is simply (beyond being big fans) it's a reminder to people holding onto the 'untouched', and always 'perfect' past, that not only music, but also the environment changes. It reflects how any artist tries to remain relevant, while staying true to themselves. De La Soul went from track's like Me, Myself & I (for which they were crowned as 'hippy-hop' pioneers), to All Good (ft. Chaka Khan) and Oooh (ft. Redman) for which they received the 'hip hopper's love', to finally going on to make musical-jams like Drawn (ft. Little Dragon)

Let's not forget two things - (1) De La Soul went for the self-financed, crowd-funded, and Kickstarter route so that they would feel free to create exactly what they wanted. (2) they've grown a lot during the 11 years of silence. 

Either way. Watch the documentary, above. Get the full-scoop.