ASICS track "suit" is all serious business.

Our genius eastern brothers, the Japanese, who for quite a while have been leaders when it comes to streetwear have just invented something that will make you track-suit-lovers spoil your synthetic little track suit pants.

An actual track suit (emphasis on the β€œsuit”) has been made in corporation with ASICS, retailer keisuke kanda, and clothier ANREALAGE. Featuring proper suit accoutrement like lapels, pocket square insert, ties, button-down shirt, and a tailored cut, this collection definitely straddles the link between sportswear and office attire. While it is a bit more of a satirical take on the idea of sportswear and casual wear becoming one (as mention in this previous post), split into individual items such as the shiny black β€œsalaryman” sneakers the idea is pretty damn cool. The pop-up shop is currently open in Tokyo until the 25th of September and you can head over to the official project website for more details.