Disney and Salvador Dali created a surreal short-film entitled Destino (watch here)

Many might not know but Walt Disney and Salvador Dali, the world’s best known Surrealist painter, briefly worked together. The purpose of the collaboration was rumored to be for Disney to silence critics who felt his films sacrificed artistry for the sake of marketability. Its seems that the critics may have been correct as the work in progress was shelved due to financial difficulties during World War 2, and the project deemed no longer financially viable.

Fortunately, in the wake of Disney’s nephew Roy’s work on developing the Fantasia sequel Fantasia 2000, the project was revived. Using a 15-second demo reel, original storyboards and some of Dali’s and John Hench’s notes, a team of 25 animators from Disney Studios France was able to complete the project in 2003. The 6-minute film titled "Destino" follows the love story of Chronos, the personification of time, and his inability to realize his desire to love a mortal, Dahlia. The animation combines Dali’s surrealist paintings with dancing and metamorphosis and gives a stunning glimpse into what feels like lucid dreams from Salvador Dali himself.