When Apple collaborated with The North Face

I know what you're thinking.. what!? Yeah. Back in the 80s and early 90s, a lot of corporations tried their hand at "leisure clothing". Whatsgood.'s already shown you the guilty pleasure of McDonald's leisure collection, which was sold to employees - but Apple is no exception to this. In fact, they continue to do it even today. 

When Will Smith was still being the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, colourful designs were very popular. Will Smith's tv debut was the single biggest force behind making Cross Colors a big brand. You might remember the look, but did you know this was a brand to be reckoned with in the 90s? 

It was around this time, that two things happened: a lot of corporations attempted to be a part of the consumer's fashion identity, as well as the rise of 'counter-culture' street wear, the founding fathers of what we know today - i.e. Stussy, LRG, Karl Kani, etc. It was the colourful and happy trend that they were fighting against. 

Where does Apple come into all of this? 

Apple, as a true hipster brand, tried their hand at a collaboration in a time that it was unheard of. Brands didn't work a lot together around that time. But, what we can only imagine is learning from other corporation's mistakes, they understood that they were good at making computers and not fashion. So they approached The North Face. At the time, North Face was exclusively an outdoor brand that - minus Method Man (from the Wu-Tang Clan) reppin' their clothing - was not really part of 'urban culture' as of yet. 

What did it look like? Have a look for yourself:

Other than a failed attempt to enter the world of merchandise and collaborations, the small collection isn't very spectacular or noteworthy. It might've created a little more hype today than back then, because of both brand's worldwide status - which is only reinforced by Drake buying one of Apple's varsity jackets for $825 on eBay just last year - but apparently was the start of a movement that Apple continues to this day. 

What other collaborations does Apple do, you ask? Well, focused much more on the wearable tech field rather than the world of apparel, Apple has collaborated with haute couture powerhouse Hermes for the Apple Watch as well as with Burberry when promoting the launch of the iPhone 5s, back in 2014.

That all being said, it's not all doom-and-gloom. Some of the Apple's leisure collection is actually pretty dope. I mean, have you seen those sneakers? Tell me a hipster, skate-loving, Apple-hating, coffee-at-Starbucks drinking, hobby photographer and professional Instagrammer wouldn't rock those?