thisisneverthat - The Korean street wear brand

No racism intended, but when Asians get busy with street wear, you best keep an eye out and hold on to your seats. Founded in 2009, this Seoul-based brand has recently been getting a lot of lip, for supposedly copying the "London look" in their latest drop (shout-out to Rimmel London for giving us a reference to make, when trying to make a statement/claim sound as ridiculous as as the people saying it). 

In the defense of thisisneverthat, their debut winter/fall collection just looks dope and has an awesome 90s feel to it. We love it. Moreover, a claim like that would make all haute couture brands copy-cats of the "Italian look" as well as many street wear brands copy-cats of the "skater look" or, more relevantly, the "asian street wear aesthetic". 

The below look-book shows the collection, set to release 2 September 2016, the photos that they've been getting lip for. One love from our side - really excited to cop some gear and rock it in the continent that inspired the collection, Europe. For anyone in the area, thisisneverthat will be hosting a FW2016 exhibition on August 26 and 27 in Seoul, South Korea in the district of Mapo. People attending are promised a small gift upon entrance as well as the opportunity to buy the collection before it’s available to the masses.