The latest from The North Face's Purple and Red labels.

The North Face (TNF) just released their separate Purple Label (for the Japanese market) and Red Label (for the European market) 2016 fall/winter collections. Arguably the most important season for an outerwear manufacturer, in the European line TNF is focusing on GORE-TEX technology to give its outwear more of a sportswear and urban clothing vibe that is big in Europe at the moment. The Purple line provides more of a complete collection of clothing, even featuring shoes (slippers) and bags, and all presenting in natural colorways of navy, taupe and grey. After converting from Yen, the prices of the Purple label aren’t that bad at all so if you can find a way to get it shipped to you can build on your urban style wardrobe.

The Japanese seems to get all the great releases…. Who makes these decisions anyway? Check out the individual collections below.

Purple Label collection available from nanamica.

Red Label collection available from Hanon.