The greatest sneaker collaborations ever known

Diadora has been up to a whole lot of collaborations. It’s BAIT x Dreamworks series (Shrek, Where’s Wally, and Skeletor, among others) delivered something no one expected to see in a sneaker, yet were glad had arrived and its Extra Butter, Feature, and Hanon collaborations brought a lot of attention to Diadora. It goes to show that just because you aren’t the biggest doesn’t mean you can shake things up a bit and play ball with the sneaker giants.

The vast majority of these collaborations however happened with the Diadora N9000 silhouette but Diadora decided put some limelight onto two of its other silhouettes, the IC 4000 and Intrepid. The result of this is a collaboration of epic proportions.

Diadora worked with seven premier sneaker stores, four in Europe and three in the States. Patta, Solebox, Hanon, and 24 Kilates reworked the IC 4000 and KITH, Concepts, and Packer reinvented the Intrepid. Diadora even took it a step further and revamped some athletic gear from their archive.

The IC 4000 models are out now and the Intrepids will drop on the 20th of August.