5 fall trends predicted by Zara

We usually cover menswear and streetwear styles in general but this one is for the ladies specifically. According to Who What Wear, Zara is backing several style trends for this fall that you need to know. How do you know it’s a trend that will actually be a trend? There is no better indication that Zara’s endorsement, why would the huge fast-fashion retailer back something it isn’t sure of?

Nicole Akhtarzad and the crew at WhoWhatWear.co.uk looked at the biggest trends among the Zara fall product offerings and narrowed it down to the five biggest trends.



High Shine


Novelty Denim





Color-Contrast Leggingshttp://www.whowhatwear.co.uk/fall-trends-zara/slide35

Original article by Nicole Akhtarzad at WhoWhatWear.