Today is an historic day… at least for whatsgood. We have officially gone live with our webshop.

Following the theme of the webseries, our webshop features art and apparel from some of the local creatives we have covered over the last few years. We believe that everyone has a story and we love telling the stories of cool, local creatives that sometimes get drowned out by the big, faceless businesses we encounter every day.  

In our art section we have pieces from Saša Ostoja, an extraordinary illustrator who illustrated music videos for Faberyayo x Tom Trago and Lot Madeleine, a local artist schooled by the legendary Piet Parra and  known for her quotes which you can see any day you walk through the streets of Amsterdam.

On the apparel side we have Orange Juice and Soldiers at Leisure. Orange Juice is a BMX inspired streetwear brand and lifestyle blog that plays by its own rules and Soldiers at Leisure is a streetwear brand that celebrates the city of Amsterdam in all its glory, past and present.

Head to the whatsgood. webshop for a taste of Amsterdam’s local talent and keep an eye on it as we will begin to expand to other brands in other countries.