Trump’s Walk of Fame Start gets a special addition

As the 2016 Presidential Race heats up, Trump becomes the official Republican candidate, he choose his running mate, and Bernie Sander’s endorsed of Hilary Clinton (Why Bernie,Why?), things are getting pretty serious. We were lucky to witness the Republic National Convention which got trolled in one of the best ways possible by an awesome lack of endorsement from Ted Cruz (basically a big fuck you to Trump), and Third Eye Blind’s upset of a lot of fans at a charity concert attended by many Republicans.

We were also fortunate to come across a new piece of street art from LA-based artist Plastic Jesus. Plastic Jesus erected a border wall around Trump’s Hollywood Wall of Fame star. Obviously it is a miniature wall, but standing at 6 inches tall and sporting razor wire and “keep out” signs, the message from Plastic Jesus is clear “STOP MAKING STUPID PEOPLE FAMOUS”