We are not big fans of Vetements here at the whatsgood. office for several reasons. For one, Vetements’ design aesthetic is too reminiscent of the shitty parts of the 90’s for us. Secondly, we’ve never really been fans of haute couture and especially one that claims to have streetwear ties.  Also, we might just be a bit more hipster than we allow ourselves to believe, which means that we tend not to like things that are super popular. It’s also likely that we just don’t get it. While we don’t enjoy the clothing ourselves we do appreciate people pushing boundaries so I guess our beef is more with the people that buy it rather than make it.

Anyways here is a collaboration Vetements and Canada Goose did together that actually looks somewhat wearable.


 Apologies for the rant… if you want to understand Vetements yourself have a look at this article explaining it very well.