The designer responsible for helping Kanye make his Yeezy line, launches his own brand called Visitor On Earth.

There are definitely some overlaps between the Visitor on Earth and Yeezy styles, which is to be expected. Whereas Yeezy said “let’s dress like medieval squires,” Visitor On Earth took the approach of using the same colors and materials as Yeezy but making it look like somewhat futuristic.

It’s safe to say that by looking at Tracey Mills’ Visitor On Earth brand, you can clearly see where the Yeezy design influence came from. While the brand does look more approachable than Yeezy, the mission statement is a little hard to swallow.

“We are all visitors on Earth.
We all share the same resources with a common purpose, to rehabilitate the planet with love. Visitor On Earth aims to unfold the truth of oneness through a common uniform. Our unisex uniforms defy the separateness of sex, race, creed, and gender identity. Our color palette connects to the elements that form our universe. Our silhouettes are timeless and can be worn by any generation– past, present and future. Visitor On Earth seeks to erase the programming that has separated us from the beginning.”

That’s quite a statement for a brand whose t-shirts start at $95.

Will Visitor on Earth be as big of a success as Yeezy, minus Kanye’s unique “douche-marketing?” Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.