whatsgood. with Reed Bmore

We really like artists who push the envelope and stand out by doing something unique within their genre/discipline. Reed Bmore is such an artist. As a street artist, he chooses not to express himself with spray cans, paint, markers, stencils, posters, stickers or any other medium that is commonly used. He uses wire instead! He was kind enough to answer some questions for us.

Yo Reed Bmore, what’s good? Can you give us a little introduction as to who you are and where you’re from?

Nothing much homie, life's always good with a few bumps along the way, still promises to be a good ride. I'm Reed Bmore. Representing Baltimore, Maryland Street Art (the city which helped me conceive my art practice and coincidentally is the city known for The Wire).

Explain your art to us? How would you describe it?

I use wire as a medium to get up, constructing various compositions of Wire Sculptures up and down the East Coast traffic lights and electrical lines. It would be considered Street Art considering the illegality of it all, but Baltimore City (including the police) have been rather accepting of my art form.

"Wire is the epitome of who I am as an individual."

What are your artistic influences?

I'm fortunate enough to work around the most talented Graffiti artists and Street artists in the city, I would have to say my influences are my close friends like Xxist, and Nether, both very solid individuals who care about effecting the community with art just as passionately as I do! Classically I was influenced by the grandfather of wire-sculptures Alexander Calder. It was his carefree process of just creating for the fun of it that attracted me to his work (I like his light-hearted attitude). But so far the artist that affected me the most is Arthur Ganson. His kinetic sculptures and gestural wire-figures pushed me into the medium.

How did you come up with the idea of using wire for your art and (why) do you prefer it over other mediums?

I love wire, ‘cause it's something that I've been doing for a long time. I used to steal the little green produce ties at the local supermarket when I was a kid and make little dinosaurs and people. Wire is something that I can always come back to. If I ever have a shitty day at work or just feel stressed over stupid things, I can always go back to wire to ease tension and satisfy myself. Wire is the epitome of who I am as an individual. 

"As artists we have a responsibility to bring about conversation and movement in culture. It shouldn't stop with the walls in a white room."

Can you tell us a little bit about your art making process?

My process is pretty everywhere, I don't really have a set time at which I sit down and create like I feel most of my friends do, and plus my bedroom doubles as my studio so space is always a problem, but I make do. As for my installing process, I usually start out by driving around the city and sometimes I'll find a spot where the traffic light has a beautiful sunset lining the background and I'll think: "I can put something here to show people how beautiful the space is".  I can only hope that they feel the same way when I put a piece up. Besides driving around I'll think of a site location where I can start a conversation. Baltimore is the city of the uprisings protesting in the light of Freddie Gray's passing due to police misconduct, so most of my artworks recently have been around the intimacy of that subject or providing to that community that was greatly affected by these actions.

Why do you choose to “exhibit” your art on the streets as opposed to a gallery?

I never really felt like I belonged in with the gallery scene. No hate, I have the utmost respect for my friends and colleagues who do the Baltimore gallery scene, I just feel like it's not really for me. The first time I installed my earliest pieces, I received so much love from my community that I realized that art SHOULD be for the people! As artists we have a responsibility to bring about conversation and movement in culture. It shouldn't stop with the walls in a white room. It stops when it is exclusionary and inaccessible for the world. I was just fortunate enough to find a niche in street art for my medium.

Which artist right now is the one you’re most excited about, that you feel everyone should know about?

As far as artists go I can't really choose one, as a whole I feel that the art in Baltimore is coming up. A lot of exciting projects to revitalize the city are on the way! As for the people and groups I love, I want to do a shout out to the Section1 Project, Nether, Ways, Earnest Shaw, Gaia, Pablo Machioli, Gabe Dinsmoor, Devin Allen, and Basement Rap Llamadon. I feel these are the groups and individuals that I'm extremely excited about, because they are all doing their part to bring up Baltimore. They all deserve a daps and a big ol' hug.

Any plans of dropping by Amsterdam and blessing our city with some of your artworks?

Euro Trip? Hell yeah! Already got my mental bag packed to travel across the pond. Just need a bed and maybe other like-minded individuals to come along with to hang and explore with me. Amsterdam is definitely on my list of places to put my art at!

Find out more about Reed Bmore on his Instagram and Facebook.