At whatsgood. we've been big fans of Dutch rapper Digitzz, and after approximately a year of silence he's come back with an EP entirely produced by Deejay Abstract. For anyone that's not familiar with Digitzz, we like to see him as the Dutch Chance the Rapper. Being one of the few Dutch rappers that spits in English, his unique playful flow combined with a love for singing makes him a cross-breed between Chance the Rapper and (as of this very EP) early Kendrick Lamar (we're also seeing this for the first time). While the lyrics aren't delivering a strong message, it doesn't matter - because they're feel good, melodious and real (he clearly smokes a fair amount of weed). The exact ingredients that you need to blissfully sing-a-long.

On a closing note, Deejay Abstract (known for his phenomenal DJ skills in Amsterdam), throws you off with his production skills. The beats are on-spot. They're very "liquid" - and by that we mean that the same beat can have a very 'grimey' feel if you want it to, a very 'playful' feel if you want it to and more. The choice is entirely yours, but Digitzz's choice of flow, really helps you see the different dimensions of every Deejay Abstract beat. Sick. 

Give it a listen below. Sing-a-long. Vibe. We might dare to say, that this is one of our favourite releases from Holland, in 2016.