If you find yourself in Monaco this summer… which I hope you don’t because it is a stupid, overly-priced, useless little place… and you find yourself in need of refreshment during those hot summer days while driving around in your Ferrari, Pantone has something for you.

For the second year the pop-up Pantone Café marries culinary arts and color with a menu of sandwiches, drinks, and desserts all color-coded with Pantone color palletes. If you have every wondered what color tastes like this is the perfect opportunity to try out your favorite colors.

Pantone has been collaborating quite a bit lately which is pretty interesting seeing that Pantone is chiefly a color matching system. The Pantone Café is in partnership with Yumi, a French juice shop, and last year they teamed up with artists for the Pantone Color of the Year.

The Pantone Café is open until the 9th of September and can be found at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco.