In our efforts to find new and interesting things we found a streetwear brand that is not exactly new (they have been around since 2013) but is immensely interesting because it comes from a place you don't typically think of when you think streetwear. Amongst Few is a streetwear brand based in Dubai. This interview will make you shift your preconceived notions of what street culture and streetwear are through this dope brand in this unexpected location. 

Tell us a little background of how the brand began. What inspired you to start amongst few?

It’s a fairly long story how the brand initially came about but to round it up as short as possible, it was after a few sparse and interesting conversations on the topics of what we would do different if we were to create a fashion brand amongst the forever asked question, what would a streetwear brand from Dubai look like? The conversation’s between us quickly switched into daily emails back and fourth of concepts, ideas and sketches and ended up with the creation of amongst few one month later in October 2013 and launched to the public in September 2014.

How would you describe the style of clothing for amongst few? How does the ‘you can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do’ ideologies come into play?

Our clothes are made for anyone that appreciates them to be honest. We primarily hope to attract customers that care for anything from a clean design, premium fabric, material weight and classic cut to attention to detail alongside those who can relate to our brands aesthetics, function or inspiration and ideologies. We always have an ideology in each collection, which derives from many things including experiences. The ideology ‘you can’t build a reputation on what your going to do’ comes from our belief in doing and not saying, earn your reputation through physically executing something dope, rather than talking about it.

Dubai, and the Middle East in general, is not on a lot of street wear fan's radars. Are there any particular challenges for street wear in Dubai?

Apart from the obvious challenge formed from misguidance of the region through outside media such as the myth that Dubai only consists of oil and billionaire Arabs. One of the more interesting challenges we often face is the general perception of Dubai street culture from non-residents; commonly people’s first thought’s of the city are related to luxury, vast wealth and extravagant living and unfortunately not its emerging street culture scene. For example a lot of people reading this will probably have an immediate mindset of disbelief or negativity at the mere mention of street culture or streetwear in the same sentence as Dubai. We get it though; the UAE is only 44 years old in terms of nationalisation so no one is expecting the same positive reaction that other fashion havens such as Paris, Berlin or New York receive, yet. Basically meaning if you hear about a new brand from Harajuku, 90% of the time no immediate negative thoughts would come to mind and more so an initial excitement. Although this has proven numerous times to be an extra challenge it has also been a blessing, as a large amount of people are instantly intrigued or curious to find out more about the brand story, vision, products and its origin.

What advice would you give to people looking to start their own brands? Where do you hope to find amongst few in a few years?

Our advise would be to really think about what it is you want to do, ask yourself is it organic? What would you do different? Why your brand over others? Is this your passion or a hustle?. These are all the questions we asked ourselves at the beginning, like us if you can answer them all genuinely then the next steps is to get things moving and keep it moving. You will hit walls, the aim is to figure out how to get over them. We hope to find amongst few naturally growing and venturing into more products, mediums and things like furniture, cafes and more.

You just released the Delivery Three collection and it looks great along with the beautiful lookbook, what can we look forward to from your next collection?

Thanks, for the next collection we will continue to build on delivery one, two and three. We tend not to follow trends, but instead concentrate on producing long lasting classic pieces that essentially stand the test of time. In every new collection we aim to add more styles, fabrics, colours and details while consistently improving and tweaking existing and feature products such as our Tee’s, Hoodies and Joggers. We are super excited for the next collection and would honestly love to tell you all, but we love the element of surprise that bit more.