We're big fans of Goldlink at whatsgood., and we're excited to see that after dropping so many dope tracks for so long, he's finally released his first music video. More than just a simple music video, he's opted for his debut to be a dual music video. What does it mean? Two tracks, one video. While trying to avoid the original dual music video approach, of say a Tyler the Creator with Fucking Young/Deathcamp - where the Deathcamp track plays the role of an 'outro' - Goldlink interjected 'Late Night 'naturally' into 'Palm Trees'.

The music video is a 'flashback' of the night before, explaining the dead body in a car shown at the start. 'Late Night' marks the change of environment in the video. As the name suggests, the start of the track moves the environment of the video to the club. A dope music video debut, for a dope artist. Check it out, above.