If you're big on the sneaker game, you'll have noticed that just as streetwear is moving from "street" to "high-end and clean fashion" - new sneaker brands are doing very much the same. It's the new 'hype' / 'trend'. That in itself doesn't make it right though - so we decided to research some of the most up-and-coming brands for you - and give you the chance to determine for yourself. 

Brand #1: Hender Scheme

Making more than just sneakers and shoes, they also involve themselves in manufacturing fashion accessories (handbags, bracelets, wallets, etc). Although, not a fan of all of their sneakers / products - they have some cool authentic things about them: 'Made in Japan' and 'working with materials that age well' (this means that your sneakers will continue to look dope(r) while wearing them). As you'll see on the photos below, they're slightly reminiscent of existing shoes / sneakers.

Brand #2: Athletic Propulsion

It's all in the name. Fashionable performance shoes. Making running, training and basketball shoes - they've supposedly already been banned from basketball playgrounds, for apparently helping athletes jumpin higher. True of false, that seems like the type of exposure you want with a name like "Athletic Propulsion". 

Brand #3: Brandblack

This LA-based brand, was set up by David Raysse (ex FILA designer). He just felt he could do it better. That he can. The sneakers are dope, dark and powerful. Ranging from fashionable, to performance sneakers (basketball), the designs really bring a new 'identity' to the game. A little less of the same, a little more character. 

Brand #4: Article Number

This new California-based brand is loved by the Americans. Seen as "giving the people exactly what they want" - sophistication and simplicity are words that come to mind. That being said, this is not a 'trend' that we're fans of. But apparently you guys love it ;-)