For all of you that follow Boiler Room regularly, you'll remember that back in 2015 they did an Awful Records showcase. Better yet, they recently released a trailer of a documentary that they filmed about the Atlanta-based label (see above). The seventeen-man crew / collective have gained a lot of online notoriety since 2014. Being featured as "The rap clique that won 2014" (FACT Magazine) - they're famous for finally bringing a sound from Atlanta that demands more than just the attention of locals. Making 'new age' hip hop, they're being seen as Atlanta's saviors, post- Gucci Mane and Future. 

"We're like seventeen f#cking beams, shooting out into seventeen different f#cking directions..."

With high-profile collaborations, with the likes of The Hundreds, in the form of merchandise, they're making some real moves. Get familiar. Get excited. The trailer looks dope!

"It's not just like some lab-generated group, like making-the-band shit.."