The Los Angeles streetwear powerhouse and global footwear brand Reebok get together again for a collaboration. This time it is the Reebok Classic Nylon.

Featuring a nylon base with suede overlays, white accents on the midsoles and side panels and riding on a navy sole, the silhouette also includes a paisley lining and insole which reminds us of the Crip bandana used by the notorious L.A. gang.


The Hundreds and Reebok’s last collaboration was on the Ventilator Zodiac pack which actually celebrated the zodiac signs of the Brothers Hundred, Ben a Taurus and Bobby an Aries. While they are pretty sick in their own right the Classic Nylon is a bit more OG.

At the moment the shoes are only available at the Japanese atmos’ online shop and nothing is known yet of other releases outside of Japan.