Scoremore has conquered the Texas hip hop market by getting big name rappers like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole to play at places other than arenas. Started by two University of Texas – Austin students as a booking agency in 2009 by students for students, the organization has quickly meet success and become the lynch pin in several key festivals like Illmore, Neon Desert Festival, JMBLYA.

If Scoremore wasn’t already pretty sick with its quick growth and success, they have decided to give back to the kids in a great way. They partnered with U Got This: JMBLYA Festival Experience to help educate kids in under-served and overlooked communities about the music business and to show these kids that they don’t have to be the rapper, they can find other career paths in the music industry like becoming a sound engineer.

To do this they plan to give 150 high school student in Dallas and 100 from Austin training from music industry professionals and later to give another 50 students immersive training over the summer so that they start their own music festival in the fall. This is an amazing example of giving back to the community that the music industry needs to do more of because they get so much money from these kids.