Technology is evolving at an ever-quickening pace while we left behind to fear that moment when technology outpaces our social development and our ability to handle it. Perhaps that it why there are so many techno-dystopian films and books out there. People like to be scared. These two films represent a glimpse of future of augmented reality. The future of technology looks great and something that we hope will be true, besides the obvious mind-control and advertising hell-scape presented in the two films. Considering Europe is quite progressive on privacy issues and the fact that ad blockers exist proves that society will not let bad intention ruin our gadgets. Have a look at the videos and consider them from a promising, less-sinister perspective.



(Update, 24th February 2018) Roughly a year and a half after writing this post we have seen VR take off with incredibly immersive games and business applications, as well as Facebook expressing concerns about how they have created a product so addictive, it is damaging society. Perhaps the dystopian predictions are a little closer to home than originally thought. Time will tell. However, keep in mind that the world is what you make of it, let us not be sheeple.