Venezuelan architect and illustrator, Rafael Araujo, uses only simple tools to illustrate the beauty of the Golden Ratio’s recurrence in nature.

The Golden Ratio or Phi is a special number that artists, philosophers, mathematicians, and architects have discovered, pondered, calculated, lost and rediscovered many times over the ages. The first person who was recorded to have used the ratio was a Greek sculptor and mathematician name Phidias (500 – 432 B.C.) who designed sculptures for the Parthenon. The reason why the Golden Ratio is so special is that it has been found extensively in nature, from flower petals to tree branches, and spiral galaxies to hurricanes.  Leonardo Da Vinci even used to define all the proportions for the Last Supper, as well as the Mona Lisa and Vitruvian Man.

Rafael, taking as much as 100 hours to complete a piece and leaving all the construction lines in his work, highlights how the Golden Ratio works in one of the most prefect examples, a Nautilus Shell.

Rafael and his Sydney based team have now started a Kickstarter campaign to turn this amazing showcase of nature’s beauty and mathematics into an coloring book.