Coming Saturday (April 9th), Amnesty International organizes the "La Haine Art Festival" in Rotterdam - inspired by the French critically acclaimed black-and-white film La Haine from 1995, which is one of our favorite films of all time. The film deals with metropolitanism, rioting and police brutality. Those themes are still relevant to this day, given the recent riots in cities like Paris, London and Stockholm. Artistically the film is a source of inspiration for lots of people as well - its cinematography, music and fashion have received a lot of praise and following over the years (the Carhartt-beanie-trend being a good example).

The Festival will include screenings of La Haine (obviously), but besides that there will also be screenings of the British film The Hard Stop, an art exhibition titled La Rage and a talkshow. There will be food from the film served in the "Merguez corner", performance art and an afterparty.