Supreme and Nike have come together for a collaboration that is sure to match, if not exceed, individual Supreme and Nike release hype. While we at whatsgood. are massive fans of the Air Max Ones, the clunky AM98 is a silhouette that is lost on us. It is, however, a shoe with heavy ties to UK culture and is therefore worth mentioning.

The Supreme x Nike Air Max 98 features cushioned mid soles, reflective details and metallic mesh uppers in all their 90’s glory, as well, as coming in four colorways, navy, all black, snakeskin and Supreme red. Five Dri-FIT hats are also in the collection with all the colors mention as well as white.

The shoe and hat combination definitely yells “You alright bruv?”, and brings back memories of 90’s chavs. Considering chav is term to describe an anti-social youth subculture, these shoes will be popular with the people of this latest generation that flock to 90’s inspired streetwear and share similar sentiments. Is this the start of a chav resurgence? Only time will tell.