A first time ever, three-day event featuring street art exclusively is heading to Paris from the 22nd to the 24th of April. This event billed as the first major event to feature street art on a global scale will present art for the likes of Banksy, The London Police and many others. At the Urban Art Fair there will also be talks, presentations and group exhibitions from over 30 galleries and exhibitors from around the world.  Some are that you can expect so you at the fair can be seen below.

“Urban art (Street Art and Graffiti) conveys a universal message, without which the ultimate end of this art would become meaningless. This message, which often leads us to a questioning of ourselves, represents an inventory of a company in crisis, in a period of deterioration, loss of essential values or humanity. Urban art, for quite a few decades, has appropriated the largest museum in the world: the street. Thus, we see that the art does not emerge only from the top of the pyramid of hierarchy of companies, but also from the bottom. This art thus represents a range of open and multiple dialogues, as the number of artists belonging to this movement and this is how it fits into the history of art .”
Nicolas Laugero-Lassere, urban art collector

If you are an aspiring street artist or you just love street art, make sure to head over and support this event so that we have more of them in the future. Tickets range from 8-20 Euros so it is definitely affordable for a short weekend trip to Paris.

Urban Art Fair

Le Carreau du Temple

4 Rue Eugène Spuller, 75003 Paris, Franc