Known for his typographic artwork, high profile collaborations, and clothing line, Ceizer is a prime example of an artist exploring all avenues that are open to him. Originally based in Amsterdam, Ceizer became enchanted with Paris and now Ceizer Studio is a successful lifestyle brand and art & design studio, based in the French capital. This talent for diversifying his passion is something we appreciate at whatsgood. so we asked Pieter a few questions about Ceizer, his collaborations, and what is important to him when designing for the Ceizer clothing line.

Describe what the Ceizer brand stands for, for you?

Ceizer is not a brand, it's just me Pieter Ceizer.

I make clothing, paintings, murals, socks, plates, whiskey bottles, Coca-Cola bottles and whatever. It's just different media, and each time a different approach with I think a similar consistency.

You started in Amsterdam, why the move to Paris? Parlez-vous Français?

I didn't choose Paris, Paris choose me. Haha. But it's true. Paris has always been a place where many artists landed and found their way. I just visited many times, made friends and at one point it felt like home and I had to stay. This city has something magic I feel. It made me discover a new me and still it helps me find my way.

It is clear you are an expert in typography. In your eyes what is the difference between good and bad typography?

I don't know. It's not to me to judge what is good or what is bad. It's more up to me to do what I feel like doing. I think it's more about the context, the character and the message. You can make crappy stuff but deliver it with a message and context that suits your crappy style, which makes it perfect.

Collete x Ceizer

Collete x Ceizer

What is most important for you when designing for a collection? Is it a particular theme, quality, or brand aspect, or something completely different?

I try to do what I feel and make something that represents myself and my surroundings. When I moved in Paris, half om my collection was in French and I started to use French (slang) words and stuff me and my friends use. Quality is really important too, because that's a big part of the experience to me. When it comes to collections nothing is never good enough to me but it goes so fast in fashion, deadlines, samples, sale seasons, delivery dates etc. It brings pressure, so you just can't spend a year on one collection, because the train is running and you gotta catch it.

Colette, Top Notch, Coca-Cola and PSG, Grants, Pony and Basket, you have done a lot of collaborations. Which collabs did you enjoy most, and why was that?

Each collab is different. It's great to work with big brands and it’s flattering they recognize me. In the end it's more about the people you deal with and how they help you bring out different qualities of yourself and each other. I enjoyed the most working with Enswear, a Parisian brand, because Enson, the owner, is an amazing personality and we spent great times together which resulted in products. Next to that it's always amazing to work with Colette, Sarah the buyer/owner can change your whole point of few in 2 minutes, plus the whole team is amazing people.

I think this is the most amazing company I know.

What should we look forward to seeing from you in 2016?

I just designed an underwear line for Tommy Hilfiger, which will drop later this year and a capsule collection for ABAHOUSE, an exclusive Japanese multistore retailer. Next to that many collabs coming, new Spring collection just hit the stores and I'm working on a new exhibition of paintings, neon lights, and pieces of wood.