Radio Juicy is a German hip-hop platform founded in 2012, releasing music on limited formats such as tapes and vinyl. Started as a weekly radio show, Radio Juicy's first release was a beat compilation titled 'Fear And Loathing In Beats', which was very well received. After that, they've released a bunch of projects from mostly (but not exclusively) German-based beatmakers/producers. This year, Radio Juicy comes with a new various artists project titled 'The Smoking Section':

"The project depicts a taste of today's beat scene over the world seen through the eyes of Radio Juicy's artists [...] we've been working on this one for a while now and having so many participants we've decided to segment the project in a couple (or more) issues. Depending on the success of the project we might even do a "best of" vinyl LP before the end of the year."

If the upcoming volumes sound anything like the first, we don't doubt it'll be a success and we will definitely get ourselves a copy of that "best of" LP!

Listen to and/or download Radio Juicy's 'The Smoking Section Vol. 1' below: