Our favourite rising-star MC from UK, Ocean Wisdom, dropped the above track yesterday on Youtube in anticipation of his soon-to-be-available debut album: CHAOS 93 (on High Focus Records).

Although this track leans heavily towards Grime, unlike many of his UK counterparts - where Grime is about to experience the best year it’s had to date - Ocean Wisdom sticks to boom-bap hip hop, which is refreshing as f#ck! Stereotyped by his 90s flow and double-time delivery - the messages and content of his raps are often lost to the casual listener because of the pace at which sentences leave his mouth. You’ll catch him being aware of this on tracks like “splitting the racket” where he gladly raps: 


“I rush the world around to keep myself from slowin' down
But slow it down on tracks so you can judge whether my word's profound”



Despite hip hop fitting his persona better, we can't deny that we also really appreciate his deviations to 140 bpm and higher. It seems like he almost does it on purpose. As to say that he can handle any BPM. For example, on “EWOK” (a drum & bass banger produced by Kidanevil from the Foreign Beggars' label: Par Excellence) he focuses on the current MC scene for ‘not saying enough’ and celebrating their ability to deliver simple one-liners:


“Come with your itty bitty one line flow
Think you're a donnie like darko
I don't really think so”


But other than this, what type of messages is he putting out there? What knowledge is he dropping, while picking-up pace? Get familiar. Check this freestyle. This kid is going places !