SB.TV released the first video of their new series titled 'The Experiment'. For this series they lock 1 producer in a studio for 4 days and each day they bring in a different artist to collaborate with, resulting in 4 new tracks. For the first episode they invited one of our favorite producers at the moment, Tom Misch, and paired him up with Etta Bond, Jacob Banks, Crave Moore and Jordan Rakei

SB.TV states that they're trying to forge "unlikely musical partnerships". We don't think they've succeeded in that, not in this episode at least. The sounds of the artists they've chosen, fit seamlessly with Tom Misch's sound. Jordan Rakei and Misch have even collaborated on tracks before. Nevertheless, it's cool to watch the creation of 4 fresh nice jams!

Listen to the track that Tom Misch made together with Jordan Rakei below: