Photo: Mirella Aponte

Photo: Mirella Aponte

This magical trio needs little or no introduction. Hailing from London, Dark Sky have always played the role of the established experimenters on the scene. Dated back to 2010, you might know them from their very well received Frames EP. Grimey, industrial, relentless, deep basses and 2-step/garage drum patterns is what typified their signature sound. That being said, we consciously used the words "established experimenters". Although these signature sounds are still very present, they have indeed faded to the background. Dark Sky appear to have escaped from club-land and moved into live-performance. Organic and atmospheric sounds take the foreground more so than they used to. Recent release, "Imagin" received mixed reviews, but we at whatsgood. happen to have seen them perform it live (Dublin, 2014) and loved it! We're thrilled to say, they did a short interview with us:


Favourite Track: Dark Sky - Night Light (Frames EP)


Dark Sky - Voyages


Explain your sound to us? How would you describe it?

We don't really have a set sound so to speak...More of an ethos to always keep experimenting and trying out new ideas.

We found out about Dark Sky with the release of the FRAMES EP. Although elements of your earlier sounds are still to be heard, you guys have made a transition in your sound over the years. Could you maybe explain briefly how and why this happened?

I think it takes time to find out who you are as a producer and this time varies from person to person. A lot of our early productions could be seen as us fleshing out ideas trying to get to know our tools better but we're always trying to push ourselves to learn new things and to re-invest back into equipment. Once you get to the point where you know your setup inside out this can help significantly when trying to execute an idea. Naturally as we've got older our tastes have matured and we've come to appreciate loads of different types of music through our NTS radio show. Each release could be seen as a stepping stone and having time to reflect on work that we've released over the years has helped us become a lot clearer in our minds about how to approach future releases.   

If someone asked to listen to just one track of yours, in order to understand your music better, which track would it be and why?

That a tough one. Probably Voyages, it has a lot of the core 'Dark Sky' elements and production techniques that we've developed over the years but also refines them and takes them to the next level.

Which of your own production are your personal favourite (and why)?

Another tough one! Probably In Brackets, mainly because of how much of a rare pleasure it was to write. Everything just came together very naturally and organically which was a blessing. It's a track that continues to surprise us with each listen.

If you could collaborate with anyone world-wide (and resources weren’t an issue), who would it be and why?

Very hard to pick one but I think it would be pretty cool to work with Nina Simone. She was such a forward thinking artist for her time, and was always trying to push the envelope. That approach would be really inspiring in a studio situation. 

What’s the one thing that you absolutely love about the music scene at the moment? That reminds you every time why you chose this profession?

It's hard to pin-point one thing right now as the scene is always changing but when you hear a record that sounds like nothing you've heard before and totally re-writes the 'rule book' of what a track can be, that's definitely an ok reason.

What’s you opinion on the rise of the UK genres in USA?

It can be a blessing and a curse, a wider audience can be beneficial and both countries have bounced off each other over the years which has lead to some great records being made. But there is always the risk of a sound being consumed too quickly and burning out before it's had a chance to fully evolve. 

What’s the biggest misconception people have of the music industry?

All play, no work! 

What kind of person do you like to work with? What’s important in your working method?

It's great to work with someone that has a unique way of working and can provide guidance when you start feeling lost.

With regards to method - there is no set way as each day is different but having a space that we can commute to where everything is setup has definitely been a massive game changer for us. Over the past year we've been trying to develop our own sound signatures and signal chains that are very personal to us. Once we stumble upon something that sounds interesting, we make a conscious effort to make a note of it and then apply them in a situation that feels right.

What can we expect from you in 2016?

We're currently working on a new EP for Mister Saturday Night and also our 2nd album on Monkeytown along with a brand new all hard ware live show.

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